Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

Note! These are Draft Board Minutes and have not been approved by the Board.

September 23,2021 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order 10:00AM

Present: Diane Vonasek Vice President, Virginia Parker Treasurer, Jerry Robie Board Member, Linda Holloway Board Member, Lindley d’Ouville Accountant, Nancy Williams Education Committee, Denise Irwin Club Director

Quorum 4 board Members present 67% of the board. John Carusone President and Peggy Keene Secretary were unable to attend. Proof of notice was sent by email to the entire membership.

Minutes Jerry Robie moved that the minutes of the June 23, 2021 Board Meeting be approved and Linda Holloway seconded . All present members approved Treasurer report Lindley d’Ouville submitted the Treasurer report.Club had a $200.00 loss . Reserves need funding. Balance in the account$17,000. Jerry moved to accept the report and Diane Vonasek seconded it. All present members approved. Full Treasurer report is recorded. Managers report was submitted. The request to overhaul the old Dealing Machine, which included, complete rebuild , replace connectors ,and shipping at a cost of $600.00. Voted and approved. Managers report filed. Committee Reports Education Committee No report till January 2022 Nominating Committee Nominating Committee will report at the October Meeting candidates for next years board. Jerry Robie made a motion we waive “ A member of the Nominating Committee may NOT be nominated for reelection .” Voted and approved .

Ethics Committee Joan Major and Linda Edwards were appointed by the board as Ethics Committee. No report.

Old Business Club Manager Report Jerry Robie made a motion to approve installing a REME Halo Air Purifier to our HVAC to kill bacteria and viruses because of Covid as presented to the board by Nancy Williams . Linda Holloway seconded The board unanimously agreed to have the device installed. $750.00 includes device and installation.

New Business Virginia Parker made a motion to confirm the move of the Friday game from 9:30 to 1:00. Linda Holloway seconded it. The board unanimously agreed to change the Friday game time. Jerry Robie made a motion to change Monthly Board Meeting time from 10:00 to 11:00. Diane Vonasek seconded it and the board agreed unanimously. Linda Holloway moved that the Christmas Party be held at the club in an effort to raise money because of Covid set backs, reserve fund is down, and impending expenses. It was seconded by Jerry Robie. Lindley d’Ouville suggested the Christmas dinner be partially catered and all members will be invited to bring their favorite Holiday dish. Volunteers will help with set up and decorating. Price of the dinner will be decided. All present members approved . Virginia Parker volunteered to be the spokesperson to urge members to volunteer for club committees currently unstaffed. Virginia Parker made a motion we discuss club Covid precautions. Members present and the board agreed that the Kibitzer reminds members to please stay home if not well and a sub will be provided for your partner. All members are on the honor system that they have their vaccines. Sanitizers are in the kitchen and bathrooms . CDC reported surfaces don’t spread Covid it’s in the air. Masks are optional. With no further business to discuss, on motion by Linda Holloway and seconded by Diane Vonasek the meeting was adjourned at 11:14 Next scheduled Board Meeting is October 13 11:00

Respectfully submitted

Linda Holloway