Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

                               December 8, 2021
                           Monthly Board Meeting 

Jerry Robie Board Member Co-Chair
Linda Holloway Secretary
Virginia Parker Treasurer
Lindley d’Ouville Accountant
Nancy Williams Education Chairman
Dave Bishoping Co Facility Manager/Director 
President John Carusone and Vice President Diane Vonasek were unable to attend
Proof of notice: The agenda was sent by email to the entire membership
Meeting called to order at 11:05
Quorum 3 members present 60% of the board
Virginia moved to accept the minutes of the November 10,2021 meeting and Jerry seconded . Board approved.
President Report: No Report
Treasurer Report:
Cash on hand $14, 935.95. Christmas Party Collected $1000.00 paid by a benefactor and The 50/50 raffle was matched by a generous member. Collected $410.00. $1410.00 was deposited in donations.   Estate taxes paid $2000.00 for the year. A benefactor donated $5,000 to be put in reserves .  Jerry moved we take $5,000 out of cash on hand and the donated $5,000 and put the $10,000 in CD’s . Virginia seconded the motion. Board approved.
Air Condtioner needs repair . St Louis Air Conditioning found a defective circuit board and also replacement of fan blower. The cost to replace both $1275.76. A generous benefactor agreed to write a check for the repair.  Jerry made a motion treasurer report be accepted. . Linda seconded it. Board approved.
Manager Report:
Jerry volunteered post COVID to manage the club and be a Director till December. He has honored the commitment . He is ready to retire for personal reasons January 31. Virginia volunteered to head up the search committee for a new manager. Jerry made a motion that Virginia be search committee chairperson. Linda seconded. Board approved .
Virginia volunteered to do the Kibitzer. Jerry offered to help with design of Kibitzer. Jerry made a motion Virginia do the Kibitzer and Linda seconded . Board approved
Christmas Party Report:
Board commended the Christmas Party Committee on an outstanding successful Party. Next year plans to have the party at the club and hire Tim Hobbs, culinary chef of CHEF DROP, LLC to do the catering was approved by the board.
Nominating Committee:
The candidates for 2022 Board of Directors were announced. ,Barbara BenedictJim Carpenter ,Ralph Dolan, Linda Edwards,Joan Mager, Virginia Parker
There were no Nominations from the floor .
Education Committee:
Nancy Williams Chairperson 
Committee met December3. Plans are in place for Walter Bogaert’s 4 lesson of 1.5 hours each on conventions. 4 players min and 8 players max. Lesson starts on Jan 3rd. Following class will be defense. Joan will be doing a Wednesday group discussion. 1/2 hour before the Wednesday game after the 1 st. Mentoring program will be reinstated.
Ethics Committee: No report
Sunshine Chairman: No Report
Purchasing Chairman: No Report
Facilities Chairman: No Report 
Web Master:  We had 577 unique visitors in November compared to 458 in November 2019.
Partnership Desk: No Report
Old Business
David and JJ cleaned out the shed . 
Material removed on the 18th .Jim Carpenter announced that usable items will be donated to Habitat and the rest to the dump by January 18.
Virginia still updating members emails, addresses and phone numbers for the website.
New Business:
Dave will contact JJ about the deterioration of shed and repairs.
Lindley contacted cleaning lady to clean out closet. Nancy volunteered to help organize. 
Membership dues $25.00 . Jerry made a motion  and Virginia seconded. Everyone present agreed.
Linda made a motion that we give Dave $100.00, Denise $50.00,Bob Gentz $25.O0 as a Christmas gift . Jerry seconded. Board approved 
Jerry briefed the board regarding  ACBL notifying the club that sanction fees are due per games.  The club manager will renew for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon games. When a limited game is reinstated club manager will  renew sanctioned fee for the beginner morning game. 
Virginia made a motion that  Lindley’s salary be resumed in 2022. Jerry seconded.
Annual Meeting and Monthly Meeting will be held on January 12, 2022. at 11:00. The newly elected board members will be announced at the Annual Meeting. 
Meeting adjourned 12:25
Respectfully Submitted
Linda Holloway