Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.




              The meeting was called to order at 11:00 AM by John Carusone.  Present were board members John Carusone, Ginger Rudolf, Larry Richert, Bill Zollinger, and club manager Dave Bischoping. Also in attendance were Don Kramer, Binny Foland, Bob Gentz, and club financial adviser Lindley d’Ouville.  John moved the acceptance of the minutes of the April meeting; seconded by Larry, and unanimously accepted by the board.

Lindley d’Ouville was then asked by the board to give her financial report.  After a discussion of various matters concerning the club’s finances, it was agreed the club was financially sound at present.  Bill Zollinger moved to accept the report as submitted, seconded by Ginger, and unanimously accepted by the board.

The committee reports followed.  Committee heads present were Don Kramer, ethics; Binny Foland, sunshine.  John Carusone represented Peg Lindsey who couldn’t attend.

Don Kramer reported no issues with ethics had been reported in the past month of play.  Binny Foland then reported that cards had been sent to Bill Zollinger and Harry Wieland wishing them good health and speedy recovery, and commented (as did all) how pleased she was to see Bill at the meeting.  Ginger announced how she had seen Harry the night before, and he seemed to be doing well.

Old business was then discussed when John brought up the question asked by Peg Lindsey as to when the next pot luck meal should be held.  After a discussion, it was agreed that Wednesday, June 12th would work best, and that date was approved.

In new business, the board confirmed that Monday morning games would temporarily mirror Tuesday morning games, and would be 499 and under, NLM.  Monday morning, April 29, 2019 there weren’t enough players to have a game.  Under the new rule however, Monday, May 6 did have enough players to have a game, as did Tuesday May 7.  Ginger suggested that it was understood that this was only temporary, and the board agreed.  Under new business, the president then asked for comments from those in attendance.

Binny then brought up the issue of the chairs.  She indicated that due to some physical issues she was presently experiencing, she could only find comfort using an old chair which was still available.  She also stated her concern that old chairs were being scheduled for removal.  Additionally, she indicated Jeanne Carney could only find comfort in an old chair.  The club manager indicated that it created the situation where the individual “old” chairs had to be rolled about whenever the game involved a movement.  He expressed his concern.  The board discussed the issue, and agreed that we had an older membership, and that accommodating the needs of members was necessary under the circumstances.   John then brought up the issue of “odor” and “dress code”.  He indicated the North Orlando club had boldly suggested members shower before attending games.  After a discussion by the board, is was decided the matter would be handled on an ad hoc basis.  Before the club manager gave his report, John expressed his thanks to Dave and the other volunteers for examining every chair and making necessary repairs on a Saturday morning.  Dave then started his report by thanking Bob Gentz for all this help as director.  He supported the change in Monday morning games, and felt the club has and would continue to solve issues on a regular basis.  He indicated his continued willingness to fix maintenance issues as they came up, as he had done in the past. 

Under game directors’ matters, the issue of slow play came up, as did the matter of consistent decisions by directors.  Dave and Bob addressed it with everyone present, and acknowledged their awareness and continued support to improve where appropriate. 

The board then discussed when to have its next meeting, and it was agreed it would be left open until it was decided a meeting was necessary.

With no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:50.