Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

Lake County Duplicate Bridge Club, Inc
Board Meeting Minutes October 13, 2021


Diane Vonasek Vice President 
Virginia Parker Treasurer 
Linda Holloway Board Member 
Jerry Robie Club Manager 
Lindley d’Ouville Accountant/Financial Advisor 
Nancy Williams Education Chairman 
Bryce Norwood Website Manager 
Ralph Dolan 
Barbara Benedict 
Caryl Mackay 

John Carusone President was unable to attend. 

Proof of notice. The Agenda was sent by email to the entire membership 

Meeting called to order at 11:00AM 

Quorum 4 board members present 67%of the board, 

Minutes : 
Jerry Robie moved that the minutes of the September 22,2021 Meeting be approved and Virginia Parker seconded. Board approved . 

Presidents Report: No report 

Treasures Report: Lindley d’Ouville reported expenses for September $1963.37. Income was $946.00 resulting in net loss for the month of $1,017.00. Our current assesses . Our assets are 
$16,166.59. Virginia Parker moved the report be approved. Diane Vonasek seconded. All Board members agreed.  

Manager’s Report. Jerry Robie mailed the  dealing machine on October 5 for repairs. Expect repaired and returned 10/13. Cost approximately $600.00. 
Game participation is rising with the Friday game having the most players.- probably as a result of changing the game starting time in the afternoon.  
Manager report is filed. 

Committee Reports 
Education: No Report

Ethics Committee : No Report 

Nominating Committee Report:
Nominating committee Linda Holloway, Peggy Keene and Bobbi Birmingham will present the slate of candidates to the President at the December Meeting . The  ballots will be prepared for qualified club members to vote and counted by the committee. Jerry Robie moved that a motion to stagger terms  2 officers for 1 year. 2 officers for 2 years and 2 officers for 3 years. Linda Holloway seconded . Board agreed 

Old Business: 

REME Halo air filter installed on October 13, 2021. 
Virginia Parker , who volunteered to recruit committee persons , announced her new committee chairpersons. Thelma Martin Sunshine, Babs Treiber Purchasing, Peg Lindsey Social Committee. 
Ralph Dolan has volunteered to oversee Partnership Committee responsibilities. Bryce Norwood will continue as web master. 
Christmas Party will be held at the club starting with a Bridge Game at 1:00 on December 7. The dinner will be partially catered and members are encouraged to bring in their favorite Christmas buffet casserole , hors d’oeuvres ,appetizer or starter. The cost will be $20.00 which includes bridge. Diane Vonasek made a motion that members who have made achievements will be awarded 5 coupons of free games Jerry Robie seconded. All present agreed. Spouses who join for dinner will be charged $15.00. Signup sheet posted November 1.
Committee Chairpersons Linda Holloway and Nancy Williams.
New Business: 

Caryl Mackay has name tags she paid for and needed to know what to charge . Caryl volunteered to pay the cost of the name tags. Jerry Robie moved to sell the name tags for $10.00(as previously announced) and the money goes into the club fund as a donation. Linda Holloway seconded and the Board agreed. 

Discussions on Reserves and funding needed will continue next year as will the possibility of a Memorial Tournament honoring all deceased members. 

Jerry Robie moved that we provide soda for sale. Diane Vonasek seconded and the Board agreed. The Board discussed providing snacks and determined to make this decision at a later date in light of Covid -19 concerns. 

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 

Respectfully Submitted
Linda Holloway