Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.

Lake County Duplicate Bridge Club
Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
April 13, 2022

Present:  Directors:  Jim Carpenter (JC), President; Linda Edwards (LE), Vice President; Virginia Parker (VP), Secretary; Barbara Benedict (BB), Treasurer; Ralph Dolan (RD).  Absent Joan Mager   Guests:  Denise Erwin (DE), Club Manager; Lindley d’Ouville (Ld), Club Accountant; Nancy Williams (NW), Education Committee Chair; Bryce Norwood (BN), website manager.

Call to Order and Determination of a Quorum
The meeting was called to order by President Jim Carpenter (JC) at 10:35 am. With five of six members present, a quorum was determined as present.

Approval of March 9, 2022, Board Meeting Minutes
The minutes of the February 9, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting were approved. (motion RD/second BB)

Treasurer’s Report
Lindley d’Ouville (Ld), club accountant, presented the March 2022 balance sheet and profit and loss statement, showing a net profit for the month of $585.  The monthly report was approved. (motion VP/second LE)

President’s Report
JC reported the Director Study Group has disbanded, although he and RD are studying independently, assisting at games, and expect to eventually take the director exam to become ACBL qualified.
The Thursday 0-299 game has gone on summer hiatus, with the intention of resuming in October. The first Sunday Swiss game, held April 3, had five teams and tables.  Participants wish to have one game a month, the first Sunday, rather than every two weeks, so the next game will be May 1.
JC will soon be leaving for the summer but will join meetings via phone.  LE will conduct the meetings in his absence, they will be held at the club rather than as a Zoom meeting and resume beginning at 11 a.m.
Club Manager’s Report
DE reported she has met with Jerry Robie for a training session on preparing the monthly directors’ payroll.
Directors are being instructed in how to use the game clock. 

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With Bob Gentz’s departure for the summer, DE will serve as director for Monday games and Dave Bischoping (DB) will cover Fridays.
Discussion followed on the age and speed of the club computer and its contributing to slow sessions. Ld reported donations to the club in memory of John Carusone are over $1,400, and the family has said there are no restrictions. Consensus was upgrading the computer would be an appropriate use. JC asked BN to check on the feasibility and cost of adding memory to the current computer or purchasing a new one.
After a suggestion by NW, JC asked DE to begin preparation of a procedures manual for the Club Manager.
VP will provide DE with copies of sample written club manager reports so there will be a written one for distribution in the future.
Facilities Manager Report
Ld reported a new club mailbox has been installed, with numbers to be attached soon. JC said he will remind DB about the repairs to the shed. He stated his belief its condition is poor enough it will need to be replaced eventually.
Ld said our water and electricity bills had been unusually high.  The water was attributed to a hose’s having been left on in error, and the club will cover that expense.  The electricity is likely due to the air conditioning’s running when the building is empty. Ld will speak with St. Louis Air about having a programmable thermostat, including remote access by phone, and DE will draw up a departure/shut down checklist for directors that will include adjusting the temperature setting.
.Standing Committees/Programs Reports
NW said there was no Education Committee report, and Linda Edwards (LE), Ethics Committee Chair, reported there had been no activity.  There were no reports of significance from Partnership, Sunshine or Purchasing.
BN presented a report on website issues and asked to have one person designated to authorize him to make any changes to player information.  LE was named as the liaison. BN presented a list of 48 people who have been especially inactive and would like to know if they should be removed. LE will contact Carol Hanna to see if she would be willing to call them all. The Board approved that BN renew both the club’s domain name and hosting agreement, which will expire in the coming months. Website security was discussed, and BN agreed to investigate Bridgewebs, a website service for bridge clubs, as a means of achieving this. The Board tabled discussion of criteria for being included in the website telephone directory.

Old Business
Data Collection
VP reported she has completed compilation of data changes and notified BN, DE, Ld and RD. She said about 40% of the list of 125+ names were not reached, largely due to no return calls after a voicemail, but with some disconnected numbers. She had confirmed data changes for about 20% of the list, and the remaining 40% had no notations, so she couldn’t tell if the information had been confirmed, the question of handling text messages asked, or if the people wanted to continue to receive emails, such as the newsletter, even if they had moved.

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Board consensus is members may continue to bring in food to share but there will be no break in games.

New Business
Game Fee Collection Change
The process for collecting game fees will change. As players arrive, they will check in, pay the member or guest fee, and be assigned to a table. DE and directors will announce the upcoming change, which will start in May. A separate table rather than the director’s desk may need to be used.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 (motion BB/second RD)

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Parker, Secretary