Lake County Duplicate Bridge Clubs, Inc.


The regular meeting duly called and held November 14, 2018, at 510 West Key Avenue,

Eustis, FL at 11:00 AM.


Present were:

Board Members Steve Treiber, John Carusone, Bill Zollinger, Margaret Timpe


 Also Present:

 Lindley d’Ouville,   Don Kramer


Secretary’s Report 

A motion was made by John and seconded by Bill to accept the September 2018 minutes as recorded.  Motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report  

Lindley gave the report in the absence of Ginger.  We had a profit of $609 for October.  There was a discussion about bonuses for directors.    Another CD has come due and it was decided to renew.  Lindley reminded us that property taxes of $2,000 will be paid in November. A motion was made by Bill, seconded by John to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried. 


Ethics Committee

Don had written to all board members prior to the meeting informing us that he will no longer be cleaning the card dealing machine and that he would train anyone who would volunteer to take over the job.  Bill Zollinger has graciously volunteered to accept that responsibility.  There was a discussion about when to send it in to the company for a cleaning which is to be done every 44,000 deals.  They will consider it after the first of 2019.


Don will continue as Ethics Committee Chairman.  Jeanne Carney has found it necessary to resign from the Committee and Don has recruited Susan McGinnis to replace her. 


Don also asked the Board’s approval to volunteer as administrator for the collection of bridge books at our club.  We were most happy to oblige.  He plans to donate a number of his personal bridge books and articles to expand and enhance the quality and quantity of reading materials.  In view of our expanding education program a library of bridge books, reference works, files and magazines will be a valuable asset to our club and education program.  Club members, students and instructors can avail themselves of information on declarer play, defense, bidding and conventions.


Education Committee

John Carusone is having two sets of instructions before the Monday morning games.  He also said he would like to meet with Joan Mager to find out if and how many students she has.  We discussed again running a newbies game on Thursday afternoons at the same time as our regular game that day…but keeping them totally separate.


Social Committee

We heard through the grapevine that Janice Collins has moved out of the area so we have no chairperson.  Lindley said everything is ready for the Christmas party.  And, she did inform us that several of us need to be there to help set up the game.


Nominating Committee

Margaret recruited Carol Hanna for the Nominating Committee.  They have come up with two candidates who will be announced at the December 12 meeting.  Nominations will also be taken from the floor that day.


The next Board meeting will be December 12, 2018.


Meeting adjourned 11:45 AM.


Minutes submitted by Margaret Timpe, Secretary